Królikiewicz in person



The opening sequence, parallel editing, overdrawing. Film speaks its own language. It has no syllables or words. There is another kind of alphabet – frames and takes. Why does a given moment make use of this particular editing treatment and not a different one – the audience asks during one of the meetings with the author. “I don’t know, we surely had some point in it at the time” – the director replies.

The anecdote above emphasises the importance of the creator’s contact with the audience. During the mini-retrospective cycle you are welcome to take part in a meeting with Grzegorz Królikiewicz – a theorist and practitioner of cinema, director, scriptwriter, author of books and essays on films, and also a professor at the PWSFTViT (National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre). Every film accompanying the meeting will be commented by the author. Therefore, there will be an opportunity to recollect how much a film’s reception can change thanks to a couple of the creator’s words.