Journey to Italy | Viaggio in Italia – dir. Roberto Rossellini, 1954

date: 06/08/2011, time: 10:00, place: The Big Cinema, film program: retrospective of Robert Rossellini, artistic program: films
film program: Viaggio in Italia,

IT, FR | 1954 | b&w | 97 min
dir | Roberto Rossellini pro | Adolfo Fossataro, Alfredo Guarini, Roberto Rossellini sc |Vitaliano Brancati, Roberto Rossellini ph | Enzo Serafin mus | Renzo Rossellini ed | Jolanda Benvenuti cast | Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders, Maria Mauban dis | Cinecitta Luce

In “Journey to Italy” Ingrid Bergman (in private wife of Roberto Rossellini) and George Sanders impersonate married couple that is encountering serious relationship crisis. During their trip taken up to sale a house after a deceased relative, tensions in their relationship achieve culmination point. By many of the Rossellini’s admirers “Journey…” is being considered one of his very best pictures: the plot unfolds deliberately, step by step demonstrating mutual strangeness of both characters. Viewer becomes a witness of how both of them try to accept consciousness of the fact that their marriage is falling apart. Spectacular landscape and ancient history of the land they wander become not only a background, but also an impulse toward inner change.